Triple Crown Bistro

The Triple Crown Bistro is named in recognition of J.K Ross who dwelt in these premises in the early 1900’s. In 1919, JK Ross owned a horse named Sir Barton who won the Kentucky Derby. Sir Barton then went on to win the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes to become the first-ever winner of the U.S. Triple Crown. Hence our name, The Triple Crown Bistro. We celebrate his love of Fabulous Food and Happy Adventure! 

JK was an avid deep sea fisherman and wrote two books on the subject. On August 28, 1911, after a struggle of four hours and forty five minutes, Ross landed a 680-pound tuna at St. Anns Nova Scotia. It set a record for the largest fish ever caught with a rod and reel. 

Naturally, fish is on the menu!

Our Story

Casual dining

Nestled on the shores of scenic Sydney harbour, The Triple Crown Bistro is steeped in a tradition of world class excellence. This Restaurant in Sydney has a breathtaking view of the harbour.

The woods and leaded glass were imported from Scotland by JK Ross himself after claiming his 16 million dollar inheritance. JK Ross was a generous man, who gave freely to the less fortunate but also thoroughly enjoyed the finer things including fabulous food and drink. We celebrate his legacy with this promise, “Every Meal Is A Winning Experience”

Following the stock market crash, a near broke J K Ross left the country and bought a house on Montego Bay where he remained, fishing and sailing until his death in 1951 – a happier adventure he told friends, than when he was rich.